Cambria and Somerset County Police, Fire and EMS

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Now broadcasting Somerset County trunked radio system. (Due to full- time encryption, all police talk groups have been locked out)

Cambria Fire Dispatch

Cambria EMS Dispatch

Johnstown Fire

Richland Fire

Cambria South Police

Cambria Metro (Johnstown) Police

Cambria North Police

Cambria South Operations 1

Cambria South Operations 2

Cambria South Operations 3

Cambria South Operations 4

Cambria South Operations 5

Cambria South Operations 6

Cambria Central Operations 1

Cambria Central Operations 2

Cambria Central Operations 3

Cambria Central Operations 4

Cambria Central Operations 5

Cambria North Operations 1

Cambria North Operations 2

Cambria North Operations 3

Cambria North Operations 4

Somerset Fire Dispatch

Somerset EMS Dispatch

Somerset Coutywide trunked radio system Fire and EMS talkgroups (No police talkgroups due to encryption)

MedStar Helo

Pa Game Commission Southwest

Pa Game Commission SouthCentral