Teller County Sheriff, Police, Fire and EMS
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Teller County Sheriff, Fire, EMS, SAR, Roads. Cripple Creek Police, Fire and EMS. Woodland Park Police. Colorado State Patrol.

All Police, Fire, and EMS frequencies listed in the Radio Reference data base for Teller County Colorado.

This feed includes:
Teller County Sheriff 155.580
Teller County Sheriff 155.910
Teller County S & R 155.175
Teller County Roads 453.1875
Teller County Services 154.965
Colorado State Patrol 154.905
Cripple Creek Police 154.890
Cripple Creek Fire 154.695
Cripple Creek EMS 154.340
SW Teller County EMS 464.9125
Ute Pass EMS 154.400