MotoTRBO Amateur Networks - DCI/TRBO-6 and DMR-MARC

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DMR Ham Talkgroups carried full time are: 'DCI 1', 'Bridge 2' and 'Comm 1' in this priority. DMR-MARC Saturday and Wednesday nets will are broadcast also. More Info at:

DCI and DMR-MARC are the largest MotoTRBO ham IPSC radio networks in the USA and world-wide.  The networks interconnect more than 100 MotoTRBO digital repeaters around the world.

DMR Worldwide and Tech Nets are carried on 'Net 1' weekly as is the Kansas Physics Net.


DMR-MARC has a weekly worldwide net every Saturday at 1600 Zulu (0900 Pacific, 1200 Eastern) as well as a Tech Net Thursday at 0200 Zulu (1800 Pacific DST).  Archives are available.



This feed is provided via digital connections by a TRBO control radio located in Mazama, WA and under my control, WB6WUI.   All feeds have the permission to be streamed from their respective network system administrators.

Talkgroup Details  (NOTE:  'Net 1' is an internal Talkgroup only available via streaming):  

DCI's  'DCI 1' is Talkgroup ID: 3160 on timeslot 1

DCI's  'Bridge 1' is TG ID: 3100 on timeslot 1

DCI's  'Comm 1' is Talkgroup ID: 3777215 on timeslot 1


TRBO information for streaming is at:


More information for the 2 TRBO networks is at:  or

Contact information:  DCI:  or for DMR-MARC:


More information for the 2 TRBO networks is at: and

Contact information:  DCI:  or for DMR-MARC: