West Central Minnesota Counties Public Safety

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Chippewa, LQP, Yellow Medicine, Swift, Big Stone Counties All 5 counties, Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, State Patrol, Parks, and snow plows -(seasonal

The use of these feeds are for entertainment and hobby enthusiast purpose only.  Any action that results in misuse or illegal activity, is soley based on the end user's actions, responsiblity and liability. The end user assumes ALL responsibility for information obtained from these feeds.   By no means, that this provider is, or can be responsible for, any misconduct or actions that may arise from this information source.  Remember that mobile use of a scanner is generally illegal in Minnesota, even as an APP on your smartphone.

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Uniden BCD996XT- 800 MHZ  trunking P25 digital scanner, using a shared feed for all listed agencies.  The antenna system is at 60ft.  The feed is using 2 antennas, one for VHF/UHF and the other is an 800 MHZ beam.  The scanner is in ID-Search mode, at present.  Meaning that it is picking up everything it hears.  Including out of area agencies, such as MNDOT, and St. Cloud State Patrol.     All agencies are on 800 MHZ.  For your viewing pleasure, download WINAMP for free--- it will display on your screen, which agency is talking-live.  www.winamp.com

Remember that the scanner does not track conversations.  Because of this, it may be very difficult to follow a speciific event.  This station resides very near  2 transmitting stations, that running over 100 watts, and are over 100 ft tall.  As a result, I do get overload on my scanner, on occasion.  Remember, this is a voluntary service, not a mandated one.  If you have complaints, visit   www.buy-ur-own-damn-scanner.com


This feed will be off-line on Sunday nights, to give the equipment some well deserved rest.

  • AKA     "Chippewa Dispatch" 
  • http://www.co.chippewa.mn.us/sheriff.htm
  • Chippewa County Sheriff                                     800 mhz / ARMER         600 units
  • Montevideo Police Dept.                                       800 mhz / ARMER         700 units
  • Clara City Police Dept.                                          800 mhz / ARMER         70 units
  • Chippewa County Emergency voice Pagers         154.265Mhz


  • AKA   "Madison"
  • http://www.lqpco.com/corrections.php
  • Lac Qui Parle County Sheriff                                   800 mhz / ARMER           300 units
  • Madison Police Dept  (contract w/county)             800 mhz / ARMER                              
  • Dawson Police Dept                                                 800 mhz / ARMER           500 units
  • Lac Qui Parle Emergency voice Pagers               154.160Mhz / 800 mhz / ARMER   


  • AKA     "900 or Yellow Medicine"
  • http://www.co.ym.mn.gov/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC=%7B7AEEBD16-209E-4890-96DB-3A984AE3B434%7D
  • Yellow Medicine Sheriff                                           800 mhz / ARMER            90 units
  • Granite Falls Police Dept                                        800 mhz / ARMER            120 units
  • Upper Souix Police Dept.                                        800 mhz / ARMER            140 units
  • Clarkfield Police Dept                                              800 mhz / ARMER            130 units
  • Canby Police Dept                                                   800 mhz / ARMER             110 units
  • Yellow Medicine Cnty Emergecy voice Pagers        154.310Mhz


  • AKA   "200"
  • http://www.swiftcounty.com/index.asp?Type=B_LIST&SEC=%7B7518E993-EAA6-473D-B562-20013F5B3102%7D
  • Swift County Sheriff                                                    800 mhz / ARMER             200 units
  • Benson Police Dept                                                   800 mhz / ARMER             100 units
  • Appleton Police Dept                                                  800 mhz / ARMER           700 units
  • Swift Cnty Emergency voice Pagers                           154.335Mhz


  • AKA  "Ortonville or Willmar"
  • http://www.bigstonecounty.org/sheriff/sheriff.vbhtml
  • Big Stone County Main                                 800 Mhz-Armer       Car "x"
  • Big Stone County voice pagers                      154.055Mhz
  • Big Stone County Fire Channel                                 154.445Mhz


  •  AKA       "MINSEF or L-TAC" 
  • MN Statewide Emergency Frequency                    155.475Mhz / 800 mhz / ARMER


  • AKA      "MIMS"  or "Point to Point"
  • MN Information Management system                      155.370Mhz /800 mhz / ARMER


  • State Patrol:   AKA  "St.Cloud (2600)   or   Marshall   (2300)
  • https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/msp/Pages/default.aspx
  • SPxxx State Trooper  
  • Kxxx DNR Conservation Officer 
  • Car xx HQ Based Major or Colonel 
  • 9xx Airwing based Trooper 
  • 17xx commercial vehicle inspector, Non-POST Certified 
  • 2600/2300 District Captain 
  • 260x / 230x District Lieutenants