Ashe and Watauga Counties Sheriff, Boone Police Dispatch

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Feed is scanning the VHF primary dispatch channels for Ashe County Sheriff and Watauga County Sheriff. This feed also includes the dispatch frequency for Boone PD.

This feed covers Ashe and Watauga Counties in NC


Ashe County Frequencies:

157.500 - Sheriff Dispatch 


Watauga County Frequencies:

155.100 - Sheriff Dispatch

155.130 - Boone PD Dispatch


Feed hosted on a Rasberry Pi using a TYT TH-9800 reciever.


There are no readily avalible 10 codes for these counties online, however, here are some common codes for these counties:

10-4: Affirmative

10-10: Negative

10-27: License check

10-28: Vehicle ownership check

10-29: Warrants

10-50: Accident