NS CNO&TP - North/Louisville District

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Covers the CNO&TP North End from Cincinnati to Danville, and the Louisville District from Shelbyville to Danville

NOTICE: The CSX traffic has been moved to a separate feed due to amount of traffic received. Look for it at http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/30259/

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NS Lake Division - CNO&TP North/Louisville District

Lines Covered

NS CNO&TP 1st District (CNO&TP North) - Erlanger to Danville
NS Louisville District - Danville to Shelbyville
(and sometimes beyond)

Channels Monitored

AAR 056/056: NS CNO&TP Road (Ch. 1)
AAR 009/048: NS CNO&TP Dispatcher (Ch. 2)

Hosted on a radio tower southeast of Georgetown, KY

ATCS Server: ns-cnotp.atcs.network port 5006