Wake County Sheriff, Raleigh Police, Fire and EMS

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Location:Raleigh, NC.

Equipment: Old Dell Desktop now running Ubuntu with OP25 intstalled for decoding the P25 traffic and Icecast, with Darksnow as the GUI for Icecast, to send the audio to BC/RR , $10-15 DTV USB receiver from Amazon, Yagi antenna from Amazon, and Google Fiber as the ISP. 

Wake Sheriff 860.4625 Raleigh Police/Wake EMS 857.6875 Raleigh Area Services (Unknown/Varies) 852.325 Raleigh Area Services (Unknown/Varies)


Thanks to the below blog post this is possible. Without it this would not be working at all. Also a RPi 2/3 WILL run everything you need BUT will not handle the audio well/easily. I would avoid it unless you want to spend a LOT of time.