Cape Pine Area Marine

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Marine VHF Ch14 156.700Mhz -Placentia Bay Traffic MCTS,  Marine VHF Ch12 156.600Mhz -Placentia Bay Traffic MCTS

Marine VHF Ch19 156.950Mhz -Coast Guard,  Marine VHF Ch06 156.300Mhz -ship to ship

Marine VHF Ch08 156.400Mhz -ship to ship,  Marine VHF Ch16 156.800Mhz -calling & em'cy

Receiver is FT897 with good receive sensitivity 0.2 microvolt. VHF Antenna is a two bay commercial grade Sinclair Antenna. Cape Pine is a LightStation, located approx 300ft above sea level. On a 'Cape' or 'Headland' an excellent location for VHF receiver. Line of sight all around 40-60 miles.