Adams County Fire and EMS - Digital

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Simple Feed for Fire and EMS Personnel to Monitor. Not to Be Used For Dispatch, It is Not A Radio it is a Feed That I Try My Best To Keep Up 24/7. I Also Program Scanners so if You Need Help Contact Me




Location: Middle St, Gettysburg PA

Receiver: Uniden BCD996P2

Antenna: Paper Clip

Freguency: 859.2625 East Site 0nly P25 Phase 2


  1. ​​Dispatch 1
  2. Fire 2
  3. Fire 3
  4. Fire 4
  5. Fire 5
  6. Fire 6
  7. Fire 7
  8. Fire 8
  9. Fire 9
  10. Fire 10
  11. Fire 11
  12. Fire 12


  1. EMS 2
  2. EMS 3
  3. EMS 4
  4. EMS 5
  5. Aero 1
  6. Aero 2
You can also monitor this feed on your Android,
Tablet, Blackberry, Iphone or IPad by downloading 
scannerradio  By Gordon Edwards.
To see what you are listening to you can click the 
link. 911 live/activeincidents



Only routine dispatch, special event, and on scene fire
and rescue operations talkgroups will be broadcast. 
This feed is provided for entertainment purposes
only. Use of this feed, or any scanner feed, to facilitate
the commission of a crime is a criminal offense.
Under no circumstances should you utilize any
information obtained from this feed, or any feed, to
respond to a scene, interfere with emergency
personnel, or other wise take any action that may
put yourself or others in danger.